Dear friends!

As you all know, hundreds of thousands of Christians will meet Pascha at home this year. While the world is seized by anxiety, we can ease the suffering and offer hope with a word to conquer fear -  CHRIST IS RISEN!

We at FOMA are calling the world to shine a light to the world from our window on Pascha, Saturday, April 18 at midnight.  We can use a candle or a lamp like those that we usually hold in our hands during the Paschal procession. Let's clear a place, clean the glass and pull back any curtains so our friends and neighbors can see our light. Though we’re at home, we'll be sharing our joy arising from the Resurrection of Christ with each other and send a quiet, glowing message to all the people of the world, wherever God is present, there's always hope. "And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not." (John 1:5)

Pascha a home 2020

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Nothing can replace our personal participation in Church services or the sacraments, it’s true, and we all feel the great sorrow of not being able to visit our parishes on these Holiest of holy days.

Despite being separated physically, however, we remain united as the Church of Christ, and that's what we need to remind ourselves and each other about.  A candle in our windows aims to remind all the world of this fact.

Forward this announcement to your Christian friends and followers. Like the Holy Fire in Jerusalem, let us light as many candles as possible with the holy, otherworldly fame of God’s love!

P.S. Please remember to be safe. Candles and lamps should be placed far from curtains and other flammable objects, out of reach for children and pets. Even if you’re up for live-streaming Paschal services from your local church on the Internet, don’t leave a live flame unattended or forget to put out you candle before going to bed.  Keeping a candle alight for an hour should be quite enough.